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The U & the NCAA issues

Everyone has an opinon but the one thing I have not seen and have no answer for is: How do you fix it?
It goes on at EVERY single D-1 football program except the military academies.

Yes they should be punished severly, but in the end, who really gets hurt?  The student body, future recruits, current players & coaches that had nothing to do with it, the ACC as a whole, all the schools UM would have played on TV, some (FSU, Va Tech, ND) lose out on a nationally televised game.  TV stations get hurt, adevertisers, etc...  It is a massive fallout.

Basically, the actions and the punishment hurt everyone around this scandal more than the people actually involved.

I do not know the answer as to how to fix it but I know some things that could be done and something that should NOT be done.

1.  It starts in high School.  Get ESPN and every other broadcaster to stop televising high school games. Get ALL boosters and recruiters out of the High Schools.  Get the high School coaches with ties to certain colleges to severe those ties. Go after high schools who sole purpose to exist is to illegally use kids from all over to create football and basektball powerhouses.  Let kids be kids playing the local rival and stop calling them the next great one and filling their heads.

2.  Have real punishment for coaches and ADs and Presidents, etc...   A coach or AD involved, even remotely, should not be allowed to go to another school and get another job.  They should be banned for life or put on a 10 + year probation.
Maybe if their livelihood was at risk they would take more steps to help cleanup the programs.

3.  Get all the excess people off the sidelines and away from these kids as much as possible when they are at school (which is the only place they can control it).  One of shapiro's big things was to be down there and a part of things.

4.   Like it or not, the NFL has to become involved.  It uses college football as a minor league system so they have a responsibility to a degree.  They have to be able to penalize these players years later when they are in the NFL and they have to assist in keeping agents away from the schools.  They can do that by banning agents who are caught.

5.  Paying players as a solution is ridiculous.  At best we are talking a few hundred a week as an allowance.  That does not stop what happened at the U.  That was not about money, it was about living like a rock star for the most part.  It does not matter if the kid is rich or poor, black or white, if thousands of dollars along with parties and girls are waved in your face... few will say no.  Besides, colleges can not and will not pay an athlete.  Football and Basketball are the only two sports that make money yet they would have to pay every single athlete, male or female.  It is not feasible or practical.   Besides, on a personal note, I am sick of hearing how tough the poor student athlete has it when half the people I ever knew in college were struggling by with the hot plate on a window sill and a package of hot dogs and Ramaan noddles. 

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Posted on: April 24, 2008 3:21 pm

NFL trumps all, and this weekend proves it.

  Just some interesting things I noticed at the "community home" section of this website.  Total number of posts as of right now, April 24, the heart of the NBA and NHL playoffs and MLBs first month.

Sport-Total Posts

   The NFL has been over for 3 months, just the draft is going on and it still dominates everything else.  I personally believe NCAAFB would probably be second if it was in season. 
   What amazes me is how bad the NBA is in this little makeshift ranking. It is being tabbed as the best playoffs in years and the West has all these great teams but these rankings, as well as the tv ratings, show that the NBA just doesn't stack up.  I am not sure why, there are all kinds of theories out there.  I honestly beleive if the NHL got half the press, better marketing, and a good TV contract it would surpass the NBA. 
   The reason I wrote these comments is because a journalist had a piece the other day talking about how the NBA could one day pass the NFL.  It was laughable.  The bottom line is the NFL, 3 months after the season, has more people interested in the draft than the NBA and NHL do in their respective playoffs.  The only reason the NBA (and NASCAR for that matter) are half as big as they are right now is because of the TV contracts they have, specifically the push they get from that 4-letter network.
   I know this will upset some NBA fans, but the numbers do not lie.  I am biased, I will admit that.  I love college basketball and wish the kids would stay in school longer because, quite honestly, once they go to the NBA, I could care less about watching them anymore 90% of the time.
   The NFL is king and this weekend will prove it when the draft has better ratings this weekend than the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs, MLB games this weekend, and the weekly NASCAR race.

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